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Gambia Breaking news: Our NA Moving Towards Becoming Useless and Barrow would be Worst than Jammeh.

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By: Kaw Yerro.

For a bribery action to be completed, the recipient must accept the bribe. While its absolutely immoral and corrupt for a President to bribe lawmakers, but we should also blame those lawmakers for selling themselves to the President.
We are doing everything possible to get to the bottom of this information/story.
Our national assembly is moving towards becoming Useless Assembly. And president Barrow would be worse than Jammeh in the act of undermining our democracy and prosperity. If the president don’t have the know-how to lead the country in a honest, effective and prosperous manner, he needs to step down and let GAMBIANS decide who to lead them. Bribery and corruptions MUST STOP!in the NA.

There’s always two sides to a story and we don’t know the other side yet, but no matter what the circumstances are, the President has no business handing out coupons.Equally, under no circumstances should the NAMS be accepting money from the President.NAMs need to be blamed and hold accountable for accepting handouts from President, because as law makers, they have no business accepting bribes from any person, entity or institution, local or external. However,we will never ever have President Barrow come out clean on it, because he is still mute on the two anonymous philanthropists who gave him the 57 vehicles he donated to the NAMs (which in itself is a corrupt practice and conflict of interest) and the 11.5 million Dalasis for The Gambian pilgrims respectively, as well as the 33 million Dalasis deposited into the account of the First Lady’s foundation by a Chinese company that has business interests with the Gambia government.
Pictures of some of the alledged UDP MPs who received bribes from Barrow.

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