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 Gambia: JUST IN: Gambian, Senegalese nationals kidnapped by Nigerian robbery gang in Italy, dispossess them of valuables


PARIS, MAY 22, 2018:(DGW} A Nigerian two-man robbery gang that kidnapped two West Africans from The Gambia and Senegal respectively and robbed them of their valuables including cell phones has been arrested in Italy, police sources revealed.

The incident reportedly occurred in the early hours of yesterday at the Porta al Serraglio Station.

Police sources say they received a distress call and raced down to the scene of the crime at about 00.40 and found on the spot that they actually dealt with a robbery, made by two Nigerian men to the detriment of two young foreigners, respectively a seventeen-year-old Senegalese and an eighteen-year-old Gambian, both asylum seekers, to whom the former had stolen cell phones violently.

The Agents, who also surprised one of the Nigerians still armed with a shard of bottle, after having brought to calm among those present, led everyone to the police station where it was ascertained that the story had started in Piazza Stazione, where the two young men contracted a paid sexual service with an indefinite Nigerian prostitute.

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Born an altercation with the same in order to pay the service, the two young people would then move away and directed to the Porta al Seraglio, where they were approached by the two Nigerian men, one of whom claimed to be a relative of the prostitute who, after having beaten and threatened with shards of bottle, took away both cell phones from both The Gambian and Senegalese, also ripping off their worn necklaces.

The timely arrival of the Volanti stop the robbery, with the two Nigerians, fully identified arrested and taken into custody.

Sources say the Nigerian armed robbers who robbed their fellow Africans have since been detained and would soon be arraigned in court as police conclude investigations.

From: Daily Globe Watch

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