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Breaking News Darboe Has Reduced Himself To National Crybaby.

Breaking News
Darboe Has Reduced Himself To National Crybaby.

Darboe is not at all a Presidential material
Not a leader, unifier or man with good morals.He is speaking very angrily if he be come president many people will go to exile
The UDP leader Ousainou Darboe is a wounded angry lion increasing becoming intolerant at his yesterday’s meeting with his supporters at his Pipeline home had exposed Darboe’s anger issues. The old man is clearly showing his true colors. He is not a democrat as he falsely claimed. A true democrat would not reduce himself as a national crybaby like Mr. Darboe.

Darboe should take charge of his party and refused to be micromanaged by the recent new members of the United Democratic Party. If he is not mindful, he would soon loose the limited credibility he has.
In the first place, it was childish for Darboe to entertain this foolish notion that his supporters should throng his home to register their anger at MP Fatoumatta Jawara’s bashing remarks against their leader. Darboe ought to have declined such an audience. He has better issues to address than picking a political beef with Fatoumatta Jawara. Darboe has also branded Presidential Advisor Siaka for his rejoinder statement regarding Fatoumatta K Jawara statement at the buffer zone. The OP is trying to Calm things and disassociate themselves from madam Jawaras insults but this old man Darboe is still adamant. What else did Darboe Want?

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