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Barrow is Ruling Gambia Through his own Whims’.

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Barrow is Ruling Gambia Through his own Whims’.


The erstwhile minister of Trade, Regional Integration and Employment has said that President Barrow is ruling The Gambia through his own wish, desire and decision.

Amadou Sanneh, who expressed dismay with the sudden change of Barrow’s behaviour after becoming President, said he always showcases that he is in-charge of the government.

Sanneh, a UDP stalwart and former Trade Minister was speaking on Saturday, in an interview with Hot FM reporter Esau Williams.

He said that President Barrow has now monopolised power in The Gambia, within the two years that he had been voted into office.

“It is now more of, this is what I want. I am the President and this is what I want. We must do this,” he alleged.

Mr. Sanneh also accused Barrow of hijacking the country’s investment sector, saying all investors coming to The Gambia are now required to pass through the State House, before they would be granted license to operate.

“I am worried that The Gambia is on the brink of returning to another dictatorship, given Barrow’s style of governance. We were in the struggle with Yahya Jammeh for 22 years. We have seen it all before during the 22 years, but in terms of dictatorial tendency, now I think it is in the administration of the country,” he added.

In terms of governance, the former Trade Minister maintained that a lot of power is being concentrated in the presidency, noting that Barrow firing of UDP cabinet members amounts to ‘political suicide’.

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“Barrow won the presidency through his membership with the UDP and for him to turn around to sack its officials from his administration clearly shows that he is hurting himself politically,”

The UDP, he went on, is not a small stakeholder in the coalition government that brought President Barrow to power.

“The UDP forms the majority in the National Assembly. The party also controls the Mayoral offices in Banjul and the Kanifing Municipality respectively and as well runs almost all the Area Councils in the country”.

He continued; “If you don’t want to work with the UDP, then what are you telling yourself? He has no party. We were supporting him 100%. If you now say no, I don’t believe you are supporting my agenda and then you sacked the Secretary General of your party, which is really weird. He was able to ascend to the presidency through the UDP,”

Sanneh indicated that Barrow is now aligning himself with the people that they were fighting against in the past 22 years of Jammeh’s dictatorship, citing Seedy Njie as one of them.

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