Barrow cannot Reklee his own home much more a country.adama barrow Featured Gambia News yahya jammeh 

Barrow cannot Reklee his own home much more a country.

Barrow cannot Reklee his own home much more a country.

Barrow you not proofing to be a real man after two years of enjoying that sweet office,no rumours of pregnancy. Are you a man or the real Munku you are? Gambians are paying everything for you and today you betrayed the same Gambians that you promised to better their lives. Recenty you briefly travelled with your second wife after public outcry. But it’s clearly written on the wall that you not fair between your wives. We will continue to talk about you because no one knows you when you were a mere rent collector for the Sarahules. While you travels with scanderlos Kodo Lay Fatou Bah all’over the world the second wife Sarjo stays at home doing all the domestic chores or is

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because Kodo Lay is more fairer in skin or what? Barrow cannot reklee his home much more a country. In fact we are secretely getting very disturbing information that Scanderlos Kodo Lay is secretly traveling out of the country without Gambians knowing about it at the detriment of poor tax payers.Whether this is a new norm or an other opportunity to chop free money we will get to the bottom of the story. Our source told us that she traveled twice recently unnoticed. They going on with their final rush before they are kick out of office in 2019 if Barrow fails to honour his agreement. An agreement is an agreement.

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