Banjul – Barra Bridge To Be Constructed In 2019, President Barrow Promises

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President Adama Barrow has promised to lay the foundation st one for the construction of a standard bridge for Banjul – Barra crossing point in 2019. He said the transport in problem between Banjul and Barra will soon be history as his governemnt has planned to do a feasibility studies on the construction of a standard bridge for the said crossing point.
He made this revelation today in Essau, while addressing residents of the North Bank Region, as part of his activities on day one of his ‘Meet the people’s tour’.

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Barrow said discussions are underway for the Banjul – Barra bridge construct and if it commences in 2019, the construction will take a period of 4 years to be completed. He promised that the proposed Banjul – Barra bridge will have a guarantee of 100 years.
President Barrow said that upon completion of the said bridge, Barra will be a an extension of Banjul and transportation problem will become a thing of the past in that area.
Written by Mamos Tv

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