ASP Baldeh Continues To Expose Jammeh’s Properties

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By Mamadou Dem
Assistant Superintendent of Police Delo Baldeh, yesterday told the Janneh Commission that Yahya Jammeh has properties which are located in various Regions across the country.
He made this exposure through Power Point presentations by staff of the Physical Planning Department. The presentation showed that the former President has 14 properties in North Bank Region while in the Lower River Region, he has 7 properties as well as 10 other properties located in the Upper River Region.
The lead investigator testified that these properties were allocated to the former president by the community leaders at no cost and measured different dimensions.
On the properties located in CRR, ASP Baldeh said the former president acquired 28 properties including rice fields, which were located in different districts within the region; that the properties allocated to the former president in CRR are located in Ballangahar Kerr Nderri, Kaur {hill site}, Kerr Isha, Batti Hai, Chamen Nianija, Kayai, Sinchu Jennumbaa, Wassu, Pallang Mandinka, Kuntaur Fulla Kunda, Njoben Fulla Kunda, Madina Nfally, Janjanbureh, Sankulay Kunda, Pacharr Rice Field, Sapu, Sapu Residential, Dankunku, Kudang and Kessereh Kunda.
According to ASP Baldeh, these properties were allocated to Jammeh by the Community leaders; that the property in Kaur is an isolated hill located near the River Gambia and occupied by Gamtel.
The witness testified that though the leased agreement was between the former president and the community, it was signed by the then Governor of CRR Ganyi Touray and measures 19.65 hectares; but that since then, there has been no development on the property.
ASP Baldeh further revealed that a forest was allocated to the former president at Janjanbureh by the community leaders, for the purpose of wildlife conservation which was a request from the former president; that the rice field measuring 149.03 hectares, was allocated to him by the community leaders in Janjabureh.
On properties of the former president in URR, ASP Baldeh disclosed that the former president expressed interest in a hill which prompted the former Governor of the Region Omar Khan, to summon a meeting and informed the stakeholders about the former president’s intentions.
Other properties acquired by the former president in the Region were located at Basse Santasou, Sotuma Samba Koi and Bana Tenda in Jimira District. Additional properties discovered by investigators within the Fonis in the West Coast Region, Lower River Region and Kombo North, were all disclosed by ASP Baldeh. However, it was discovered that part of the leased land to MA Kharafi on Sharaton Hotel, was at the same time leased to the former president. But the Director of Physical Planning Kebba Ceesay, was quick to acknowledge that it was not proper as the due process was not followed.
At this juncture, Commission Chairman Sourahata Janneh asked him to furnish the Commission with MA Kharafi’s leased documents and sketch plan respectively.
Documents relating to properties presented before the Commission as well as properties purportedly leased to the former president, were tendered and admitted in evidence.
Hearing continues today.

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From: Foroyaa

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