Are The Government And Its Development Partners Listening To The CRC?

The CRC leadership is not silent. They are telling the Gambian people and the world that they do not have the funds required to carry out the task they are assigned to perform with speed and diligence. They are working according to their own pace based on the availability of resources.

The most important aspect of the whole reform process is constitutional reform. This constitutes the foundation of the Republic. Without a constitution there can be no republic. Hence maximum effort should be made to look into the financial difficulties being experienced by the Constitutional Review commission. Failure to give due regard to the concerns expressed by the Constitutional Review Commission is an acknowledgement of total lack of interest in building a third republic.

As it stands all the laws remain intact and their interpretation must be based on the existing Constitution. Hence in actual fact the system remains intact until the desired reforms take place. Foroyaa would try to interview the Office of the Attorney General to find out why Supplementary Appropriation allocations of resources are not requested for to address the problems of the Constitutional Review Commission.

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