An impressive parade for the 58th anniversary of independence

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Senegal commemorated on Wednesday in Dakar, the year-58 of its accession to international sovereignty with a military and civil parade attended by 8160 civilians and 3949 military and paramilitary, nine aircraft, 385 vehicles, 94 motorcycles, 75 horses and 25 quads.

The military parade, which lasted more than two clock revolutions, was marked by four times: the naval magazine, the motorcade, the parade on foot and the end of the parade.

The head of state Macky Sall arrived at 10 am typing on the Boulevard du General De Gaulle. In the wake, the main music of the Armed Forces performs the national anthem of Senegal. Accompanied by senior officials of the Senegalese armies, the president of the Republic performs the traditional review of the troops before proceeding to the decoration of military and paramilitary who have distinguished themselves in their work.

After, place to the civil parade opened by the cheer leaders of the Institution Notre Dame. These, to the rhythm of local sounds, have gratified the public of a successful service. The fanfare of the national police then takes over to animate the civil parade.

In military footsteps, the National Agency for Early Childhood and the box of toddlers, many primary schools in the Dakar region, the National School of the Merchant Navy, a host of private training colleges, the Community Safety Assistance Agency and the veterans succeeded each other on the asphalt. Highly anticipated, the passing of the majors of John F. Kennedy High School closed the civil parade.


The first act of the military parade begins with the projection of a film on the maneuvers of patrol boats and stars of the Navy. Then, the External Operations detachment kicks off the motorcade.

During this second act, the Legion of support for the surveillance of the borders, the Cynogroup, the Pole of the judicial police, the battalions of the transmissions, of support of the engineers, armored and artillery, the national brigade of the firemen detachments of the national police and the prison administration show the guests the advanced logistics of the military and paramilitary corps of Senegal.

The third act is devoted to the parade on foot. The military and paramilitary schools open the ball with, among others, the Prytanée Militaire of Saint-Louis, the Militery school of health, the Ecole Nationale des Officades d’ Actives and the Ecole de l’Air Force.

Acrobatic aerial parade figures put an end to this year’s Independence Day festivities under the theme of “Defense and Security Forces Contribution to Peace and International Stability”.

At the end of the festivities, President MackySall hailed a “flawless parade”.

“Impeccable” parade

The civil parade and the military parade on foot and motorised was “impeccable” and “a perfect success” reacted on Wednesday, the head of state of Senegal, Macky Sall who hailed “the momentum and the enthusiasm “of youth.

“Today’s civil and military parade was impeccable and I was particularly touched by the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the youth through the communes, the schools,” he said at the end. Parade commemorating the 58th Anniversary of Senegal’s Independence Day.

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According to President Sall, “we have seen in young people the patriotic fiber and all the civic values that our educational system teaches”.

“And it’s reassuring in my endeavour to build a prosperous and peaceful Senegal,” said Macky Sall, who thanked Lieutenant General Sheikh Gueye, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces and Lieutenant General Meïssa Niang, High Command of the National Gendarmerie, Director of Military Justice.

Like the Director General of the National Police, Oumar Maal and all the High Commanders who led the various troops of the Defense and Security Force.

“And I would like to distinguish Colonel Sheikh Omar Tamba, commander of the No. 1 Military Zone of Dakar, for the perfect organization of this parade,” he said, also congratulating the spectacle of the Air Force.

“We have been able to benefit from an air force show with L39 and NG aircraft that the Air Force will acquire very soon to strengthen these capabilities,” he said.

Macky Sall promised that these same efforts will be pursued with the Navy and the Army. “We saw it with firefighters, civil protection, prison administration, customs and hygiene services,” he said.

“I would like to congratulate our rescuers from the commune of Toubacouta following the accident of the Air Force aircraft off the coast of Missirah, and I will receive them to give them a national distinction for their heroic action have shown and saved lives,” he said.

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The Senegalese armed forces and paramilitary corps unveiled their new acquisitions during this parade. These include ships, stars, vehicles, armored vehicles, aircraft, and artillery equipment.

The fishermen of Missirah who rescued the victims of the crash of the helicopter of the air force on March 14 in the mangroves of Toubacouta were the guests of honour.

Arrived at 10 a.m. at the Place de la Nation (ex-Obelisk) to preside over the parade, the head of state, accompanied by CEMGA in a military truck, reviewed the troops to parade along the avenue du General De Gaulle to the roundabout of the BCEAO headquarters.

On his return, the Head of State was welcomed to the official gallery by the guests of honor of the festivity, the fishermen of Missirah who had rescued the victims of the crash of the helicopter of the Air Force March 14 in the mangroves of Toubacouta.

Several officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers were decorated with different medals by the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, the Minister of the Armed Forces, the CEMGA and the High Commander of the Gendarmerie.

The theme chosen this year by the administrative and military authorities is “The contribution of the defense and security forces to peace and international stability.”

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