Ahmad Gitteh Jabs UDP Folks who said President Barrow Betrayed Lawyer Darboe

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By: Ahmad Gitteh,

Where are those that were insulting #Adama_Barrow in UDP and want him gone in 3 years for betraying #

Ousainou_Darboe ?
You still want him gone in 3 years ?
Sister Fatou Touray you know I mentioned it on Facebook here during one of my #Kaliwaas that this my #President_Adama_Barrow can only be replaced beyond 2026.
Before that anyone that tries to pop a head shall receive #Suratu_Tiiin from me in the most difficult way.
Do not like Ahmad Gitteh
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 that’s okay but be careful of what he says.

Be #United under the banner of #Democratic values of the #Party and see each member as equally important player. This way UDP will live very long and successfull.

People with wisdom see beyond their nose


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