A major demonstration is unfolding at the Serre-Kunda market.

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As President Adama Barrow is about to board a flight to Saudi Arabia to perform another pilgrimage (Hajj), a major demonstration is unfolding at the Serre-Kunda market. Traders are on strike. Armed paramilitary police officers have been deployed to the market to restore calm. Sounds of teargas could be heard around the market and its surrounding areas.

Mr. Barrow came to power in December of 2016 after defeating the longtime Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, in an election marred by a month long political impasse. This is Mr. Barrow’s second Hajj to Mecca since voted into office.

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According to sources, there is a strong presence of members of the security forces at the airport to see off Barrow. A guard of honor will be accorded to the rookie president before he leaves town.

Traders at the Serre-Kunda market are apparently not happy with the set rules imposed about the “wanterr wanterr” sale show. They have resorted to organizing a demonstration.

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Mayor Talib Bensouda is facing his first challenge as the leader of the Municipality. There is pandemonium at the Serre-Kunda market. Almost all the stalls have been closed.

From: Freedom Newspaper

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